A new African optical fiber network: 100.000km of cables – MAP

8th June, 2021 – Liquid Intelligent Tecnologies (LIT), a pan-African ICT company, stated that his optical fiber network in the continent reached the length of 100.000km, becoming the largest indipendent network of Africa, with terrestrial and submarine cables connecting hundred of cities, especially in subsaharien region.
“Over the years, we have successfully connected countries through our broadband connectivity and digital services.” Steted Nic Rudnick, Group Managing Director of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, adding: “Our successful partnerships with customers ensured that today we are recognized as a technology company that has brought local businesses access to Cloud capabilities, world-class Cyber Security solutions, in addition to our existing telecoms and connectivity capability.”
LIT network extends from Cairo in Egypt to Cape Town in South africa and from Dakar, in Senegal, to Mauritius islands, providing connecting, cloud and cyber security advanced servicies.